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  • Akash Patel

    Akash Patel

    Innovator | Thinker | Creator. Passionate about medicine and its nanotechnological implications. Working on executing an idea. Website: akashapatel.com

  • Alex Nikanov

    Alex Nikanov

    Student, entrepreneur, developer, and AI enthusiast. Looking to make the world better in everything I do it and enjoy it in the meantime. Also, a huge foodie :)

  • Sabeeh Hassany

    Sabeeh Hassany

    17-year-old trying to change the world, one innovation at a time — tks.world, BCI programmer, deep learning developer, space lover, curious learner :)

  • Ishan Patel

    Ishan Patel

    I am a senior and varsity wrestling captain attending Troy High School. I am also the Co-Founder, Co-Host, and Writer of Flying High Podcast. Here’s my story!

  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

    Dad, husband, President, citizen.

  • Alan Trapulionis

    Alan Trapulionis

    In quest of understanding how humans work.

  • Victoria Kurichenko

    Victoria Kurichenko

    Self-made millennial, a marketer, and a writer. Helping others unlock their inner potential | Let’s get in touch 👉 linkedin.com/in/victoria-kurichenko

  • John Yang 鉴昂

    John Yang 鉴昂

    Student of AI, philosophy, cognition, and startups. Seeking wisdom through experiments. Turbulent visionary.

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